Pacylex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. focuses on developing precision medicine solutions for cancer. Our proprietary biomarker and therapeutic technologies enable the development of true precision medicine for a range of cancers and build upon a solid understanding of a novel biology.

Pacylex’s lead product is a hematological cancer drug candidate paired with a predictive diagnostic test. Combined, these form a novel personalized treatment plan with a first application in poorly responding lymphoma patients with the potential to treat over 70% of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphomas.

Our Story

An early discovery demonstrating that many cancer cells seem to lose the expression of a key survival protein showed that it could be possible to target these tumours without affecting normal tissues. This discovery, made at the University of Alberta (U of A) was in-licensed to a newly formed Pacylex to commercialize the use of a diagnostic test that enable the identification of patients with tumours predicted to be sensitive to our lead drug.

Concurrently, a drug development program targeting this same enzyme out of the University of Dundee was underway at about the same time. Working closely with the Dundee group, Pacylex has now in-licensed the rights to Dundee's therapeutic lead drug to complement our companion diagnostic product. By combining these two technologies, Pacylex is developing a promising precision medicine to selectively treat patients with certain types of cancers.

This work was partially funded by in-kind contributions by Eusera, Luc Berthiaume's antibody production company. It is currently supported by the Alberta Cancer Foundation (ACF) and its founders.

Pacylex operates in collaboration with the U of A laboratory as we move forward to jointly develop the background basic research in tandem with clinical efforts.