Pacylex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is developing a precision medicine solution for multiple common cancers. Our approach exploits a previously-unknown therapeutic target in cancer, making our drug a first-in-kind therapy.  Our diagnostic technology identifies those patients who will benefit from our drug, sparing many patients needless treatment.

  • Our precision medicine approach uses a proprietary selection biomarker and therapeutic combination to target myristoylation, a mechanism critical for signaling

  • Our lead candidate drug, PCLX-001, is a small molecule optimized through three structure-activity relationship (SAR) studies for high potency, oral bioavailability, and favourable pharmacokinetics.

  • PCLX-001 is one of more than 50 proprietary compounds in the series with IC50s below 20nM for recombinant human N-myristoyltransferases (‘NMTs’).

  • Our sensitivity biomarker is found in 19 types of cancer at a prevalence (by type) that ranges from 5% to more than 80% of cancers. Sensitivity biomarker rates are highest in blood and immune system cancers.

  • Breadth of efficacy studies have shown that multiple hematologic malignancies and solid tumours are highly drug-sensitive.

  • Our drug eradicates human Acute Myelogenous Leukemia, Burkitts Lymphoma, and Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma transplanted into mice.

  • The market value for sensitivity biomarker testing, and treating sensitive cancers for all applicable indications exceeds $3.5B annual revenue in North America alone

Our Story

Dr. Luc Berthiaume’s team at the  University of Alberta (U of A) showed that many human cancers lose a protein needed to keep growth and proliferation in check. These cells then become very sensitive to low dose NMT inhibitor treatments while normal tissues are unaffected. This discovery triggered the creation of a U of A spinoff company, Pacylex Pharmaceuticals Inc., to commercialize a diagnostic test to identify patients with NMT inhibitor sensitive cancers.

Independently, the University of Dundee Drug Discovery program developed NMT inhibitors to treat parasitic infections.   Pacylex then in-licensed the rights to Dundee's panel of drug candidates - our lead compound is called PCLX-001. By combining Pacylex’s diagnostic test with the Dundee drug, we have a precision medicine approach to selectively treat patients with cancers sensitive to PCLX-001.